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Tat Gıda Codes of Conduct

Tat Gıda gives great importance to universal human rights and ethical conduct, legal regulations and transparent, fair and socially responsible business.


In this context, Tat Gıda inspired by our founder Vehbi Koç's words "Our motto is to always act fairly in all our relations with the perspective of ensuring mutual benefit, to act with good faith and understanding in accordance with the laws and ethical principles." ; has compiled its guiding business principles under the "Ethical Code of Conduct and Implementation Principles", to share them with its stakeholders. 


"Tat Gıda Code of Ethics and Business Conduct" document which includes principles for countering bribery and corruption, is distributed to all personnel and is accessible on our intranet and website for our employees and stakeholders. Tat Gıda employees learn the "Tat Gıda Code of Ethics and Business Conduct", which includes combating corruption and bribery as part of the orientation process.


Tat Gıda Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Sanctions for violating Tat Gıda Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the anti-bribery principles are also regulated  by clauses of the Personnel Regulation and Collective Bargaining Agreement. The relevant clauses of the documents can be accessed through the links below.