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Supply Chain Policy



Tat Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as “Tat Gıda”), expects the responsible business practices that it has adopted as part of Koç Community signing United Nations Global Compact, also to be implemented by its business partners. In Tat Gıda Supply Chain Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") prepared in this context, legal, social, environmental and ethical responsibilities expected to be followed by its suppliers  are defined.

Tat Gıda expects all of its suppliers to behave in conformity with the principles of the following Policy based on integrity, respect, transparency, ethical behaviours and laws recognized at national and international level.

In determining the principles of the policy, United Nations Global Compact, Fundamental Conventions of International Labour Organization and national laws were taken as basis.      


 Working Conditions


  • There shall be no forced labour.
  • There shall be no discrimination based on race, gender, political idea, religion, sect, physical capacity, pregnancy and similar reasons under any circumstance in the working environment including recruitment, promotion, compensation and job termination.
  • The supplier shall not permit any form of harassment and show no tolerance to these kinds of behaviours under any condition.
  • Unless a higher age limit is stipulated by local laws, no person, who has not completed compulsory education and is under 15 (except the conditions stipulated in Convention No. 138 of International Labour Organization (ILO)) shall be employed. Employees, who are older than minimum working age but younger than 18, shall not be employed in jobs that may endanger their development and prevent their educations.
  • The supplier must show respect to the freedom of association and collective bargaining of its employees.
  • There shall be no unlawful disciplinary practices.


  • The wages, working hours, overtime, leaves and benefits must be fair and according to the regulations.  
  • The Supplier is obligated to ensure the health and safety of its employees in all of its operations. Factors that may affect employee health adversely must be eliminated and measures against accidents must be taken systematically, all employees must be given regular trainings on occupational health and safety.


 Ethical Principles


  • The Supplier must carry out all of its operations according to the legislation on competition. It must abstain from practices such as price fixing and collusive tendering in areas where competition exists.
  • The supplier must neither give, offer any bribery, payment or gift to any institution or individual for facilitating a business, nor accept any.
  • The supplier must avoid any actions that cause or may cause conflict of interest.
  • The supplier is obligated to ensure protection and confidentiality of all information shared within the frame of confidentiality, including financial and trade secrets. The supplier shall not disclose any confidential information of its partners to third parties without consent of its partner.


 Environmental Responsibility


  • The supplier must operate according to environmental legislation and continuously monitor its compliance to the environmental legislation in its operations.
  • The supplier must improve its environmental management and practices continuously for minimizing its environmental impacts of its operations, including climate change.