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Our Employees


Our Tat Gıda family, is made of approximately 1.114 people per month.  We aim to provide a work environment where all employees feel happy, able to achieve their potentials and have access to programs for their self-development.


Today we operate in milk and dairy production, tomato, pea and other canned products as well as pasta and flour products in 6 locations in Bursa, Aydın and Izmir. 


78% of our employee body is composed of blue collar employees and 22% are white collar employees. Our employees’ rights and obligations are stated in printed materials such as the Employment Contract, Personnel Regulations and Collective Bargaining Agreement. In order to inform our stakeholders we share the relevant clauses of the related written documents. 



In light of Koç Group’s objective of increasing gender awareness and goal of becoming a model institution with exemplary practices, we give great importance to providing equal work conditions to our female and male employees and to employ more women at Tat Gıda. We support the "HeForShe" initiative endorsed by Koç Group on global scale and aim to create a gender sensitive work environment where our female employees can access to more training and development, progress in their careers and benefit from equal opportunities. We aim to raise awareness on gender equality among all employees through trainings.


Social Gender Equality Awareness Education Additional Clause of Collective Bargaining Agreement


In this direction, the annual average number of female employees has increased by 41% at last 5 years. Moreover, among the 11 members of our Board of Directors four are women, one of which is the General Manager of our company. Thanks to female employee ratios that have been increasing regularly, share of women in our total employee body has raised about 28%. 





We organize internal and outsourced trainings, learning on the job activities and leadership programs for the purpose of developing the knowledge and professional qualifications of our employees as well as creating a workplace where they can continuously learn and progress. 


As part of the Tat Gıda’s "Talent Management" structure, employees who possess leadership skills, are identified and endorsed to be appointed to Koç Group in the future. In order to support these employees’ personal and professional development programs and trainings are organized.


Training and Development Clause of the Personnel Regulation


Annual training hours per employee


Our employees receive trainings in leadership, innovation, negotiation techniques and presentation techniques, management, technical trainings, occupational health and safety and environment modules. Additionally, our employees can design their personal training plans with learning sources offered by Koç Academy, which they can access over Koç Group’s intranet portal. 



Occupational Health and Safety

We are aware that the first condition of offering our employees a work environment in which they can work efficiently and employee satisfaction is at the highest level, is creating a healthy and safe workplace. 


Providing a safe work environment where employees can perform and minimizing potential occupational health risks are placed at the heart of our occupational health and safety (OHS) approach.  As Tat Gıda, we address occupational health and safety with an integrated approach and extend this approach to all plants. 


Occupational Health and Safety Clause of Personnel Regulation


There are OHS experts in all of our workplaces and a total of 7 OHS Boards, 1 for each of the 6 plants and 1 for the Head Office. Out of 52 members taking part in OHS Board, about 21% of them are employee representatives. Our Human Resources Director, as the top authority responsible from occupational health and safety, reports directly to the General Manager.

Tat Gıda aims to raise the knowledge level and awareness of its subcontractors on occupational health and safety issues. There were no fatalities in Tat Gıda or in its subcontractors between 2013-2017. Occupational disease rate is also zero for both Tat Gıda and subcontractors in last three activity years.  

Our health and safety trainings aim to increase the knowledge of our staff and raise their awareness with campaigns organized to reward good ideas.

All employees at Tat Gıda received of 8 hours of OHS repeating training on average in 2018. 

Annual OHS training hours per employee