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Pastavilla Plant

Tat Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. - Pastavilla Plant is a food plant that intends to produce healthy products with high quality with all its employees in order to ensure high customer satisfaction, where TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and HACCP Food Safety systems are carefully implemented and where production takes place according to Turkish Food Codex regulations and legislation under the supervision of food and agricultural engineers.

At Pastavilla Plant, production takes place by applying the food safety rules at all stages from the acceptance of raw materials up to delivery to the consumer. The national and international methods of analysis implemented in procurement of raw materials - auxiliary materials and production are constantly updated and no product that fails to meet the quality criteria is offered to the consumer.

The toll free consumer information line 0800 261 73 01 is advertised on all pasta packs so that the complaints and suggestions regarding to Pastavilla products can be comfortably communicated by the consumers. As soon as any complaint or suggestion is received by Pastavilla on this line, the customer is contacted immediately and any information can be given to such product on the phone or by e-mail.

Pastavilla semolina production line
At Pastavilla Plant, durum wheat from throughout Turkey is accepted following analyses and careful examination. Pastavilla does not use any type of grains other than durum wheat. The wheat is first cleaned in the mill and freed from any foreign materials; it is dampened with cold water so that the scab will disintegrate easily and then milled. It is sieved and separated as semolina, durum clear flour and bran. While semolina is classified as semolina for the production of pasta, bulk semolina or packed semolina; durum clear flour is offered to the market for use in baking bread for special purposes and other bakery products. Bran is sold to the feed factories as animal feed.

Pastavilla pasta production line
The semolina sieved at the mill and classified as semolina for pasta is transferred to silos. While producing pasta, this semolina is mixed with water to form dough. Then the air inside this dough is removed and the dough is squeezed and shaped and transferred to the driers. The pasta is transferred to silos and packed after drying and cooling in driers.

Address : Üniversite Caddesi No:31 35100 Bornova / İzmir
Phone : 0 232 388 16 82
Fax : 0 232 388 09 28
Web :
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